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Bill Barrett


Bill Barrett


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Bill founded Golden Hire in December of 2000 and thrives on bringing national companies and candidates together. He has built a career, and now a company, that puts companies and candidates in the right place at the right time. Bill understands that the world of business never stands still, but is a universe unto itself where the only constant is change. Believing such, he works tenaciously to stay on top of business trends and shifts, especially in the rapidly evolving world of technology.

After graduating from Northeastern University with degrees in management and marketing, Bill worked for five years as a technical sales recruiter at a Boston-based firm that Inc. Magazine selected as one of the nation’s fastest growing privately held companies. While at this firm, Bill developed and managed a team of national recruiters and account executives. After becoming the top recruiter and manager of the Boston market, he opened a Chicago office as one of the company’s first remote territories, fueling the firm’s national growth.

Once he realized it was time to seek a new opportunity, Bill took on a corporate role with aggressive startup Mirror Image Internet (MII) during the heyday of the Internet boom. After a short stint with MII, Bill decided he would serve a greater purpose by building his own recruiting team and moved on to start his own company.

In 2000, Bill started Golden Hire with exuberance and determination, laying the foundation for what has become one of the most respected recruiting firms in the industry. Borrowed from a Robert Frost poem, his mantra, “Nothing Gold Can Stay,” embodies Golden Hire’s philosophy and reason for existing.

As Bill likes to tell clients, "You can never know everything and all grass is green if you take care of it. A lot of times people think when they are looking to make a career decision -- stay or go, new job or new company, make this hire now or next quarter -- that the more time they put into it, the easier it will be. Well, that’s not so. You will have a very difficult time making a decision if you are basing it solely on facts. This is a decision that can positively affect you for a lifetime, so it does take some thought. Intuition and culture are two big factors you cannot put in a box. Make sure you feel good about what you are doing, be willing to stick with it, and you will surely find success."

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